Everything You’ve Been Told Might Not Necessarily Be True   1 comment

For far too long I have been laboring over a post on the fool’s quest for perfection.  I had recently become crippled by my desire to submit perfect resumes and cover letters to prospective employers.  This is a perfectly noble and reasonable desire, until it becomes such a dangerous obsession (the result of having sent an application package in which “librarian” is misspelled in the subject field – true story) that I’m amazed I ever managed to click “send” ever again.
Not surprisingly at all, that post, while I liked it, was never quite good enough, or finished enough, or perfect enough for me to ever click the “publish” button and post it.  And now, it seems a bit superfluous and not really relevant to this BatGirl’s story because misspellings, awkward interviews, and assorted assumptions aside,


No, seriously.  Like a job-job.  In a library-library.  For real.

As you can see, this new reality is taking a while to sink in. Because, in spite of my hyper-organization and exhaustively consuming everything I could get my hands on concerning finding employment in the Information Professional Arena, my experience was not what I expected … at all.  Just about all the truisms that I had accepted as truth about the job search did not hold true for me.  I had paid close attention in class.  I had done my research.  I knew that the job landscape was not exactly rosy, and the statistics struck terror in my heart:

– Expect to send out more than a hundred applications.  I was averaging 2 submissions a day (I managed 3 one day and was so shocked that I was unable to submit any the next day).  At this rate it would take months for me to hit this milestone.

–  Achieving full-time employment as a librarian within a year of graduation is considered success.  I would most definitely run out of food well before the one year anniversary of graduation.  

Be flexible, they cautioned.  You most likely will not get your first choice of job or location.  Which broke my heart because the first position I interviewed for resulted in a case of love at first sight.  A quintessential public library in a smallish town on the seacoast within reasonable commuting distance of the BatGarret, I immediately declared it the Platonic Ideal of public libraries.

And was heartbroken when they turned me down.

But here we sit, just under 3 months after graduation.  I have submitted well under a hundred applications.  And that perfect public library?  It’s my library.  They called me back, wondering if I’d be interested in a different position which had subsequently opened up.

And so quickly that it made me dizzy, this BatGirl found her library.  But isn’t that how true love always feels?

So, what’s next?  I imagine there will be some bumps on this new road, but it’s a new road and whatever it holds is sure to be interesting … and certainly better than proofreading those cover letters for the umpteenth time, searching for the misplaced comma or misspelled name.

It appears that the ingredients for a successful job search are different for everyone.

It appears that the ingredients for a successful job search are different for everyone.


Posted August 5, 2013 by batgirltrainee in Professional Pursuits

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  1. Ahhh! This is so exciting. Congratulations!

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