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Having successfully completed the first official week of librarianship, this BatGirl spent her first official weekend (cue dramatic music) nursing bumps, bruises and blisters.  Don’t fret, it’s just the latest lessons learned on the bumpy road to the romantic life of the librarian.  Just like any job, there is a certain choreography to be learned.  People who have worked together for a time develop a certain sense for what those around them will do.  They’ve been dancing this dance for a while and can anticipate the actions of those around them with a great deal of accuracy.

Many, many, … many years ago, I worked in the gift shop of a popular aquarium.  The gift shop was a little box, with a smaller box dropped into the center of it.  In this smaller box, lived the cashiers ringing sales and taking money in exchange for trinkets.  Outside that smaller box lived the hordes who could not imagine life without their aquarium pencil or t-shirt.  It looked like chaos, but inside that little box, an intricate ballet was taking place.  Actually, that may give you the wrong image.  It was boisterous and loud, things often flew through the air, but there was a certain aggressive grace to it all.

But not when I first started.  When I first started, it was a nightmare.  I was ALWAYS in EVERYBODY’S way.  I was the center of endless collisions and exasperated eye-rolling from the seasoned pros.  Until I learned the steps.

This past week has taken me right back to those days of feeling like the hapless ball in a pinball machine.  Bouncing off counters and rolling about without much will or control.  Granted, the library lacks the mayhem of that little gift shop.  There are no masses of schoolchildren all waving slightly damp money who have a bus to get on in five minutes – a mantra which I will repeat endlessly in the coming weeks.  But that doesn’t mean that these library patrons don’t expect a certain amount of … grace, shall we say, from their librarian.

And so, in the coming days, I will continue to struggle to learn the dance of the library.  It doesn’t come easy.  I’m not the most graceful of girls.  It’s not that I don’t like to dance.  On the contrary, I have been known to dance with some pretty wild abandon … just not with any sort of grace, or sense of rhythm.  So now we enter the awkward, the gawky, and the downright embarrassing stage of learning the new job.  The coming days will be filled with banged-up hips and knees and smashed fingers and toes (hopefully mostly mine) as I throw myself into learning these new steps with wild abandon – or at least optimistic enthusiasm.  And soon I hope to be dancing with the grace of my coworkers.

It's tempting to observe the dance from a distance, but in truth, nothing beats jumping in and taking your hits to learn the steps.

It’s tempting to observe the dance from a distance, but in truth, nothing beats jumping in and taking your hits to learn the steps.


Posted August 25, 2013 by batgirltrainee in Professional Pursuits

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